An impression is an idea, feeling or opinion about something or someone.  Impressions are formed unconsciously or on the basis of little evidence.

In our daily lives, we consciously or unconsciously form impressions of ourselves in the minds of others through the way we talk, walk, behave and relate with others.  These impressions can either be positive or negative and they determine how others relate with you.

Similarly, in a business, impressions are created in several ways that may not always be tangible yet are often underestimated.

Every business needs people, Clients and Human Resources. One way to keep your business alive is to leave a lasting impression on the minds of these two categories of people.

Create a lasting impression through;

  • Appearance: The physical presentation of employees are as important as that of the office structure, spaces and surroundings. They are a representation of the brand of the organization and are worth all the attention they can get.
  • Respect for Client Preferences: Customizers feel respected and contented when their choices are respected and considered.  If a client’s choice is wrong, it must be respectfully communicated with suggestions of better options.
  • Delivery: Timely and quality delivery create a picture of professionalism in the minds of clients. A client will love to continue to do business with a company that delivers excellent quality at the right time.
  • Presentation: The outlook of documents and finished work being delivered must be appealing to the recipient. Attention must be given to style, structure, design and grammatical errors especially with documents.

The culture and atmosphere of the workplace should be that which fosters creativity and a sense of belonging.  A place where employees find satisfaction and fulfilment of their career goals and want to be associated with for a long time.

Creating a lasting impression must be a deliberate and combined effort by all levels of employees in an organization to attract and retain both Human Resource and Customers.

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