Villagio Vista Complex

 Villagio Vista Complex is a picturesque apartment complex that literally lights up the Accra skyline. Its unique architectural design & colours quickly draws attention - It has a beautiful scenery and residents also get a view  of the city.
Here are some interesting facts about this iconic apartment complex:
  • It's a four building with 3 towers namely - Villagio Vista Azure, Villagio Vista Aqua & Villagio Vista Alto with a beautiful bodily design of the "kente" pattern.
  • The Villagio Vista  Alto tower ,( yellow) is the tallest building of 27 floors, with a total length from the ground level, 7.1kilometers tall, built with intricate and exquisite architectural designs.
The building consist of :
  • 3  bedrooms apartments, 
  • superb 5 luxurious bedroom penthouse with large spaces & terraces.
  • It has large parking spaces for vehicles of both local and international visitors.
  • It has a bar, restaurant, accommodation facility and a swimming pool.
Built and managed by Trasssco group, its purpose is to provide the most classic luxury residential experience for Ghanaians, foreigners, Presidents of states, celebrities, corporate executives and government officials.
Villagio Vista Azure tower (,red building) , is a 17 storey building with 
  • 4 bedroom apartments, 
  • 2 pent houses 
  • an elegant entrance lobby.
Villagio Vista Aqua tower ( green building) is the smallest amongst the Villagio Vista Towers.
 It's a 7 storey  building  which consist of :
  • 3 bedrooms apartments
  • a rooftop swimming pool
These 3 luxurious buildings are in close proximity to each other  and is located close to the Tetteh- Quarshie interchange in Accra, Ghana.

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