Meriblock Height


We provide the best design concepts for construction projects. We are your ideal partner for this phase of the project where solution-driven critical thinking, innovation and experience are leveraged in delivering timeless designs. Our design team is current with the latest trends in design and current technologies. The genesis of our design ideas stems from hours of research and familiarization with diverse variables of building sites. Spektra Global’s involvement with your projects will guarantee a building/ structure that meets everyone’s expectations – developers, owner and users.

Hotel Grande 2

Interior Design

Workplace Interiors

We design, fit out or refurbish inspiring office spaces. We start by working with you to develop your people strategy. We then review your existing spaces and define your workplace requirements. This allows us to create bespoke office designs that resonates your brand and work ethos while increasing the productivity of your team

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Hospitality Interiors

We approach each project as a partnership of shared passion, combining our diverse forces of talent to create original and exquisite designs every single time. Our solutions increase guest attraction to each hotel which in turn increases the bottom figure.

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Spektra Global meets the needs of clients by having the ability to provide a variety of construction services and deliver them appropriately. We strive to achieve high standards of quality and durability in our construction through our commitment to excellence in delivery of projects. By our timely delivery of projects, we have established long-term relationships that have lead to mutually prosperous enterprises.

Project Management

Our Project Managers will take care of everything needed to turn the design into reality for you so you can focus on your work and don’t have to worry about chasing workers and suppliers, meeting deadlines, sourcing, finesse of finishing. Our promise to you is to finish on time and on budget every time.