RECEPTION DESIGN : Gain The Competitive Advantage

1. Give a confident “handshake”.
The reception area is the spatial equivalent of the welcome handshake we give or receive when we meet people. Such handshakes require eye contact (to
establish trust) as the eye is the window to the soul. An adequately firm handshake sends a message of your personality, confidence and friendliness level, since it automatically draws out a smile. Similarly, a spot on the brand representation, gives a window into your company. It assures your visitors that they are in the right place, and also reminds them of what you have to offer. This “handshake” cannot be given without a clearly visible logo. Other creative ways of representing your brand in addition to wall treatments, is in your flooring, furniture, lighting, décor and even window treatments. And don’t forget to light up your logo.

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Reception Design

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