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What I learned in Mid-Air

I learned my mid-air lessons on the High Rope Course, where my team and I had to travel from one point to another walking on tight ropes, sticks, nets and air! This was at Spektra's Mid-Year Fun Games held at the Legon Botanical Gardens, Accra. Quite honestly, if we had an award designated to the screamer of the year, I would have won without any challenger contesting for the trophy!! As the leader, I stayed back and watched the rest of my team strap up safely and cautiously begin their adventurous journey. I cheered some on and at some others, I literally
held my breath. As I watched them through, I had a beautiful learning experience just watching, as an entrepreneur:

LESSON 1 The first step is always unnerving There were 10 different challenges on every level. It was always very scary to let go of the teak pole at the landing pad and grab the reigns of the next midair path due to the large gap that was between them. But once started, it turned out to be surmountable –our strategy worked!

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What I learned in Mid-Air

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