This is clearly our best office so far- MR. KELLY GADZEKPO, CEO ENTERPRISE GROUP

“This is clearly our best office so far”, CEO of Enterprise Group, Mr. Kelly Gadzekpo expressed his satisfaction as he commended Spektra Global at the launch of their newly designed office space; Enterprise Market, located at Ridge – Advantage Place.

Speaking at the launch, the Head of Communications, Enterprise Group, Mad. Phyllis Woode-Nartey expressed her appreciation to Spektra Global for a great job done. “Even though Spektra had fantastic ideas for designing the office, however, they listened to our inputs and were accommodating” she said.

Mad. Woode-Nartey added that client satisfaction is paramount for the Enterprise Group and as such, the offices were designed with the client in mind to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable working and business environment. “Due to the nature of services we provide, there is sometimes the need for a private place to engage clients. There are a number of cozy private meeting rooms for the relaxation of customers and also to guarantee confidentiality.  The design additionally ensures that customers are very comfortable as they wait to be served.” She concluded by commending Mr. William Halm, CEO of Spektra Global and his team for creating a working space that is not only beautiful but functional.

Mr. William Halm on his part expressed great satisfaction with the successful completion of the office space and the fact that the outcome had exceeded the client’s expectation.

Mr. Halm said listening to the client needs was key for working on the enterprise market project. “As architects, being attentive to our clients need when working on a project is essential and helps in understanding the client’s preferences to bring a project to life and in designing to meet their requirements” he said.

He added that in working on the four-month project, special efforts were put in the selection and blending of colours to communicate the clients’ message, to customers and to project the Enterprise Group brand and values. “When working for an organization, your concepts and ideas must reflect the values and culture of the organization in order to make it easy for their clients to relate and for the staff to maintain standards at work and that was what we did for Enterprise Group” Mr Halm stated.  

 “I am happy about the project and grateful to Enterprise Group and the entire team for the opportunity to work on the Enterprise Market project which will serve as a one stop shop for Enterprise Group”, He concluded.

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